Patients do not go to the dentist for crowns, bridges or dental implants.

        THEY WANT  TEETH! They expect them to look good, feel good,

        work well and be long lasting and healthy.


        In the past, dentistry measured success by   

        longevity, but today patients expect and demand

       much more. Today, Implants meet those

       expectations. In this age of cosmetic dentistry,

        patients are defining implant success as: esthetic

        tooth replacement, natural function, longevity and a   

        healthy environment that can be maintained with

        routine oral hygiene.


       The goal of Implant Dentistry is to prevent or rescue the dental cripple

        by restoring oral health, function and esthetics to patients regardless of

        existing Dental deterioration that a patient can and will maintain.

        For those who may have permanent tooth loss due to disease or accident,

        implant surgery is an option.


       A dental implant begins with a sterile Titanium cylinder (screw)

       that is placed into the jawbone under the gums. While healing, the bone continues

       to grow to the implant. Following the healing process of four months, a crown,

       partial and/or denture can be placed to the implant making it look natural.

       Implants are placed by a qualified, certified and confident dentist.

       Dentists who are not placing implants will be passed up by the better educated,

       more progressive and the more successful dentists.


            Implants are no longer experimental, no longer exotic, or rare.

        Today, implant procedures are affordable and as basic as restorative dentistry.

         Implants are now the treatment of choice for an increasing number of everyday

         people who want the best that dentistry has to offer.



Implant technology is here to meet the demands of the patient and is an affordable service that is available in Saline County in one office; Dr. Cliff Hays General Dentist. To discover your options, you can contact our office