Surgical Instructions
Immediate Dentures, What to Expect

What Are Immediate Dentures

   Immediate dentures are dentures that are placed into the mouth directly after teeth have been extracted. This immediate denture is made out of acrylic, just like most conventional dentures. They can either be used as a permanent denture solution or a temporary one. Most often the denture is used as a temporary. Then at the end of a 6-month healing period an impression is made to process it into a permanent denture.

Immediate Denture Pre-Procedure

   Preparation for immediate dentures begins while you still have your remaining teeth. An impression will be made of your mouth. You’ll also get a bite registration taken to accurately determine how your teeth come together when you close your mouth. These impressions and registrations are cast in stone and sent to the lab. At the lab the cast is prepped, and denture teeth are set creating the acrylic denture. On the day of the extractions, the denture will be ready for insertion immediately after your teeth have been removed.

   With temporary, immediate dentures, you don’t need to worry about a gummy smile while you’re waiting the next few months for the tissue to heal. It also gives you plenty of practice learning to use them. We have a separate handout to help you with learning to use your new denture.

Immediate Denture Post-Procedure “Soft Relines”

   You should be aware that there can be some discomfort while wearing your immediate dentures. The gums have only just been operated on and are understandably tender. While the area will be sore when you apply pressure with the denture, on the plus side it should help your gums heal better as it covers the operating sites and gives some level of protection against infection.

   To help during the healing process, soft relines are placed in the denture. This makes the denture more comfortable while you heal. As the tissue heals, it shrinks and so a new Softline will need to be placed periodically. Remember, this isn’t the permanent fix so stay in touch with our office. It won’t take long before you realize when you need an adjustment or new Softline.

Permanent Denture “Hard Reline”

   It will be necessary to reline/rebase the denture a few months after the procedure turning your temporary denture into a permanent denture. Gums and bone change shape and density as we heal. Most of this reshaping will take place within the first 4-6 months post-procedure. After that time, you’ll need to come back to the dentist to have a new permanent lining placed in your denture.

   Simply put, a denture reline means taking the denture and modifying the base to better suit the gum it sits on. When it becomes obvious a reline is necessary, a new impression of your gums is taken. Your dentures themselves are used as the tray to make this impression. This gives the dentist an accurate model of the current shape of your gums. This reline of the denture helps ensure the best possible fit. From here a few adjustments over the next few weeks should be all you need.